Dr. Daniel A. Russell's "Physics and Acoustics of Baseball and Softball Bats".
"La Folia, A Musical Cathedral". Fun.
"Jazz lessons". A sane approach to music.
"The World Wide Web Consortium". L'ultime source de toutes informations concernant le web. "ABU : Association des Bibliophiles Universels". Livres électroniques français classiques et anciens.
"Project Gutenberg". Electronic books.
Windows Basic compiler. Strange "turtle" graphics but otherwise like traditional Basic. Easy to figure out.
Windows text and page editor. As easy and powerful as BBEdit for Mac. Need I say more?
"Just Intonation Explained". A very informative site about tuning the piano.
Dr. Daniel A. Russell's "Acoustics and Vibration Animations". Wild.
Normal vibration modes of a circular membrane.
Daniel C. Dennett: Could there be a Darwinian Account of Human Creativity?
I am fond of the article about "artificial structures on Mars". This is a wonderful exercise in pattern detection, if nothing else. Finding meaning in Mars rock formations isn't much different from finding meaning in music.
This site promotes my band. It also contains more articles about harmony theory.